Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hills, Horses & River

Photos by David Robert
Stylist : Paula Danielle
Assistant: Lwoods
Horses Featured: Booker, Logan, Snowball & Ardmore

This maternity shoot was especially meaningful to me as my worlds collided.  My husband photographed my dear friend Paula, capturing her beautiful baby bump.  Just one month to go before we meet her sweet baby girl.  Many thanks to everyone at Heather Hills Farm who opened up their Stables for us with a special thank you to Booker & Blanton and Logan & Lindsey.  You both gave up your Sunday afternoon to help make this happen and taught us so much about the joys and responsibilities of raising a horse.  Here's a little behind the scenes sneak peak:)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Recovery Spark

Photo by: David Robert

Aside from my work as a fashion stylist I also work with Recovery Spark, a group that specializes in creative eating disorder resources.  Recovery Spark is a meaningful endeavor for me as I've spent the better half of her life working in an industry where eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are far too prevalent and body image pressures are very real.  I've been searching for a way to help capture the truth that "beauty" is more than the way it is often portrayed in the media. So being part of a group committed to bring high quality eating disorder recovery resources to the community was an easy "yes!" Feel free to check out our website  or  blog.  Always happy to hear your thoughts!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Thomas Tots

Photos by: David Robert
Kids by: Mike & Lindley
Styling by: Me!

Too cute for words, thats why we take pictures.
Contact my hubs to book a shoot today!
I also work at Recovery Spark: Eating Disorder Recovery Resources


Product: Nerium

I have been using Nerium Night Cream for 3 weeks now.  Excited to compare my before and after photos at 30 days.  Every night I use 3 pumps on my face before bed and it feels like an instant face lift.  I tend to be lazy with my nighttime skincare routine but my excitement for anti-aging while sleeping has encouraged me to wash and care for my skin like never before.  Contact Gregory (our makeup artist at work) for you 3 day trail.  Don't plan on giving it back after - you will become addicted.  

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Location: Ecopark Kantun-Chi 
Photos by: David Robert & Me
Some photos featured on Recovery Spark, which provides creative eating disorder recovery resources

Deciding which cenote (water-cave) to visit was not easy.  There are so many in the Rivera Maya.  The concierge at Maya Villa recommended Kantun-Chi since there are 4 cenotes here in one location giving you a good sampler of all the different types.  We opted to take the collectivo again since it went so smoothly on our trip to Akumal.  This trip was about 15 minutes and less than 350 pesos.  The bus dropped us right at the entrance.  Kantun-Chi opens at 9am and we were the first to arrive.  Literally had the entire place to ourselves for several hours.  Not sure why this was, but not complaining.  Highly suggest going early.  The cost was 29USD per person, unlimited time, included life jackets and no guide needed.  Make sure to bring bug spray.  You are in the jungle and the mosquitoes leave no prisoners.  Kantun-Chi had chairs and hammocks spread throughout for sunbathing and an indoor/outdoor spot to dine.  There were lockers and showers available as well as several very clean bathroom facilities.  For about 20 more USD we could have also taken an hour guided tour through an underground river before seeing the centotes. That is their main attraction, but we were more excited about swimming, kayaking and sunbathing above ground.